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Together, falling in love with Jesus

Worship Connection

Love Jesus

The world has changed.

We’ve changed!

Our social gatherings used to be at home, at church, and with the friends in the neighborhood where we grew up.

But now, many of us have more friends online than at home.




And that poses a problem:

Society has moved online, but our church hasn’t.   Sure, most churches stream the sermons, but the participation and online community aren’t there.


But that doesn’t mean we don’t want God or church.   Contrary, we know God loves us and we want to connect with Him and His body of fellow believers.   Some of us prefer to do so online.


Frankly, No!


You’re not alone.   HALF of the people who call themselves religious, now choose to watch sermons and do church online.  Really!


Yes, listening to sermons is great,  YET…


the worship somehow feels flat.  The problem is not God or even the preachers. It just feels like the preacher and everyone else are locked together on the other side of the TV screen while you are stuck on this side – alone, watching through the window.





God never created us to worship ALONE.

We were made for community with God and each other.   So we’re excited to say that we’ve heard your needs, and we’ve heard your heart…and we are determined to do something about it.

Let us introduce you to Worship Connection — a new interactive, online only, church.

We haven’t figured it all out, but it’s real, and we’re working diligently on taking down the glass wall that separates every worshiping person from each other and from God.

SO if you want to see a better way to do online church than just watching a flat non-interactive broadcast, then we encourage you to check us out below…

Like what you see?   

To experience it for yourself…

…just enter your name and email address and we’ll give you links to online services, worship opportunities, and our online community website.

 Can’t wait to see you!

This was THE best online services I’ve ever seen!  Very well put together and the testimonials and messages were So helpful!

Ash Fountain

The format you have developed is quite amazing, inviting and complete.  May it continue to grow…

Beverly Christensen

Helping you find your best friend, Jesus.

Worship Connection

Love Jesus

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